NATIGO 石榴強韌洗髮露 Strengthening Shampoo Pomegranate 300ML


歐洲健康品牌之選 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯及矽
自然呵護 零負擔天然提取植物提萃物
洗髮水中添加了大米蛋白提取物,有助減少脫髮,保護頭髮免受外界侵害,賦予頭髮光澤和豐盈感。 稻米水中所含的物質亦有助強韌髮根,從而刺激頭髮生長。角蛋白的成分得以保留,而且濃度更被提高了。


An extract with rice proteins has been added to the shampoo, which restores the hair loss, protects it from external factors, gives it shine and volume. The substances contained in the rice water also have a beneficial effect on the hair roots, thus stimulating their growth. The composition of keratin was preserved, but its concentration in the formulation was increased.

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