NATIGO 蕁麻清新洗髮露 Refreshing shampoo Nettle 100ML


歐洲健康品牌之選 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯及矽
自然呵護 零負擔天然提取植物提萃物
這款洗髮水含蕁麻提取物和乳酸,這款洗髮水更適合油性髮質。 這些成分能夠調節皮脂分泌,使髮絲不容易變得油膩。同時可滋養頭髮,使頭髮看起來更加亮麗。

This shampoo contained with nettle extract and lactic acid, thanks to which this shampoo has become intended for people with oily scalp. These ingredients regulate the production of sebum, thanks to which the hair does not get greasy so often. This shampoo also contains an ingredient that does not electrify the hair and smooths the hair cuticles.

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